Acer Extensa Laptop Memory

Original and 2-POWER matched memory for over 6000 different laptops. Order from our generic range of popular sizes and speeds or select your laptop model from the list below for a guaranteed matched memory upgrade for your device.

Acer Laptop Memory


Original Teilenummern

Extensa 4230 Extensa 4230-571G16Mn Extensa 4230-572G16Mn Extensa 4230-582G16Mn Extensa 4230-2818 Extensa 4620-4054 Extensa 4620-4260 Extensa 4620-4330 Extensa 4620-4404 Extensa 4620-4431 Extensa 4620-4648 Extensa 4620-4691 Extensa 4620-4908 Extensa 4620-6194 Extensa 4620-6342 Extensa 4620-6402 Extensa 4620-6456 Extensa 4620-6667 Extensa 4620-6736 Extensa 4620Z-2A1G08Mi Extensa 4630-662G16MN Extensa 4630-4375 Extensa 4630-4485 Extensa 4630-4565 Extensa 4630-4570 Extensa 4630-4658 Extensa 4630-4682 Extensa 4630-4791 Extensa 4630-4922 Extensa 4630-6240 Extensa 4630-6422 Extensa 5220 Extensa 5220-1A1G12_XPP Extensa 5220-1A1G12Mi Extensa 5220-1A1G16_VHP Extensa 5220-1A1G16Mi Extensa 5220-1A2G16Mi Extensa 5220-05G08Mi Extensa 5220-051G08Mi Extensa 5220-051G12 Extensa 5220-051G12Mi Extensa 5220-051G12Mi - Camera Extensa 5220-051G16Mi Extensa 5220-052G12Mi Extensa 5220-101G08Mi Extensa 5220-101G12 Extensa 5220-101G12Mi Extensa 5220-101G16Mi Extensa 5220-101G16Mi - Camera Extensa 5220-102G16Mi Extensa 5220-201G08 Extensa 5220-201G08_Linux Extensa 5220-201G08_VHB Extensa 5220-201G08Mi Extensa 5220-201G12 Extensa 5220-201G12Mi Extensa 5220-201G16 Extensa 5220-201G16Mi Extensa 5220-202G12Mi Extensa 5220-202G16Mi Extensa 5220-301G08_Linux Extensa 5220-301G08Mi Extensa 5220-301G12 Extensa 5220-301G12_Linux Extensa 5220-301G12_VHB Extensa 5220-301G12Mi Extensa 5220-301G16 Extensa 5220-302G12Mi Extensa 5220-302G16Mi Extensa 5220-0508Mi Extensa 5220-2090 Extensa 5220-2385 Extensa 5220-2516 Extensa 5220-050508 Extensa 5220-050508_XPP Extensa 5220-050508Mi Extensa 5220-050512 Extensa 5220-100508 Extensa 5220-100508_Linux Extensa 5220-100508_VHB Extensa 5220-100508Mi Extensa 5220-200508 Extensa 5220-200508_Linux Extensa 5220-200508_XPP Extensa 5220-200508Mi Extensa 5230E-161G25Mn Extensa 5230E-162G16N Extensa 5230E-163G32Mi Extensa 5230E-302G25Mn Extensa 5230E-571G16Mn Extensa 5230E-572G16Mn Extensa 5230E-581G16Mn Extensa 5230E-581G16N Extensa 5230E-582G16MN Extensa 5230E-582G16N Extensa 5230E-582G16N_VHB Extensa 5230E-582G25Mn Extensa 5230E-582G25N Extensa 5230E-584G25Mn Extensa 5230E-901G16Mn Extensa 5230E-901G16N Extensa 5230E-902G16MN Extensa 5230E-902G16N_VHB Extensa 5230E-902G25MN Extensa 5230E-902G25N Extensa 5230E-2913 Extensa 5235 Extensa 5235-90G16Mn Extensa 5235-301G16MN Extensa 5235-302G16Mn Extensa 5235-302G25Mn Extensa 5235-302G25N Extensa 5235-302G32MN Extensa 5235-303G25Mn Extensa 5235-304G50N Extensa 5235-312G16MN Extensa 5235-312G16N Extensa 5235-312G25Mn Extensa 5235-312G32Mn Extensa 5235-332G16Mn Extensa 5235-332G16Mnkk Extensa 5235-332G16N Extensa 5235-332G25MN Extensa 5235-332G32Mn Extensa 5235-334G50Mn Extensa 5235-571G16MN Extensa 5235-571G16N Extensa 5235-573G25Mn Extensa 5235-901G16MN Extensa 5235-901G16N Extensa 5235-902G16MN Extensa 5235-902G16N Extensa 5235-902G16N_VHB Extensa 5235-902G25MN Extensa 5235-902G25N Extensa 5235-902G32MN Extensa 5235-904G16Mn Extensa 5235-T352G25Mnkk Extensa 5420-5038 Extensa 5420-5059 Extensa 5420-5232 Extensa 5420-5338 Extensa 5510Z Extensa 5513AWLMi Extensa 5513NWLMi Extensa 5513WLMi Extensa 5513WLMi_1024 Extensa 5513ZWLMi Extensa 5610G-101G12 Extensa 5620 Extensa 5620-1A1G08Mi Extensa 5620-1A1G12 Extensa 5620-1A1G12 _VHP Extensa 5620-1A1G12Mi Extensa 5620-1A1G16Mi Extensa 5620-1A2G12Mi Extensa 5620-1A2G16 _XPP Extensa 5620-1A2G16Mi Extensa 5620-1A2G25Mi Extensa 5620-2A1G16Mi Extensa 5620-2A2G12MI Extensa 5620-2A2G16Mi Extensa 5620-2A2G32Mi Extensa 5620-3A1G08Mi Extensa 5620-3A1G12 Extensa 5620-3A1G12Mi Extensa 5620-3A1G16 Extensa 5620-3A1G16Mi Extensa 5620-3A2G12Mi Extensa 5620-3A2G16 Extensa 5620-3A2G16Mi Extensa 5620-3A2G25Mi Extensa 5620-5A1G16_XPP Extensa 5620-5A1G16Mi Extensa 5620-5A2G12Mi Extensa 5620-5A2G16_VHP Extensa 5620-5A2G16_XPP Extensa 5620-5A2G16Mi Extensa 5620-5A2G25Mi Extensa 5620-5B1G16 Extensa 5620-5B1G16Mn Extensa 5620-5B2G16N Extensa 5620-5B2G25Mi Extensa 5620-5B2G25Mn Extensa 5620-5B3G32Mi Extensa 5620-5B4G32Mn Extensa 5620-6A2G12Mi Extensa 5620-6A2G16_VB Extensa 5620-6A2G16_VHP Extensa 5620-6A2G16Mi Extensa 5620-6A2G25Mi Extensa 5620-102G16Mn Extensa 5620-302G25Mi - Camera Extensa 5620-602G25Mi Extensa 5620-604G25Mi Extensa 5620-4020 Extensa 5620-4025 Extensa 5620-4321 Extensa 5620-4382 Extensa 5620-4469 Extensa 5620-4677 Extensa 5620-4792 Extensa 5620-4801 Extensa 5620-6058 Extensa 5620-6119 Extensa 5620-6266 Extensa 5620-6396 Extensa 5620-6635 Extensa 5620-6832 Extensa 5620-6846 Extensa 5620G-1A1G16Mi Extensa 5620G-1A1G16Mn Extensa 5620G-1A2G12Mi Extensa 5620G-1A2G16_VHP Extensa 5620G-1A2G16Mi Extensa 5620G-1A2G25Mi Extensa 5620G-2A2G32Mi Extensa 5620G-2A3G25Mi Extensa 5620G-3A2G16 Extensa 5620G-3A2G16Mi Extensa 5620G-3A2G25_VHP Extensa 5620G-3A2G25Mi Extensa 5620G-5A1G16Mi Extensa 5620G-5A2G16Mi Extensa 5620G-5A2G25_VHP Extensa 5620G-5A2G25Bi Extensa 5620G-5A2G25Mi Extensa 5620G-5A3G25Mi Extensa 5620G-5A4G25Mi Extensa 5620G-5B2G16Mn Extensa 5620G-302G16Mn Extensa 5620G-602G32Mi Extensa 5620G-832G32Mn Extensa 5620Z-1A1G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A1G12 Extensa 5620Z-1A1G12 _VHP Extensa 5620z-1A1G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A1G16 _XPP Extensa 5620Z-1A1G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A2G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A2G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A2G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A0508Mi Extensa 5620Z-1A0512 Extensa 5620Z-2A1G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A1G12 Extensa 5620Z-2A1G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16 _VHP Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16_XPP Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A2G08Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A2G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A2G16 Extensa 5620Z-2A2G16Mi - Camera Extensa 5620Z-2A2G25Mi Extensa 5620Z-2A2G25Mi - Camera Extensa 5620Z-2A0512 Extensa 5620Z-3A1G12 Extensa 5620Z-3A1G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16 Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16 _VHP Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16_XPP Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-3A2G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-3A2G16_VHP Extensa 5620z-3A2G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-3A2G25Mi Extensa 5620Z-4A1G12 Extensa 5620Z-4A1G12 LNX Extensa 5620Z-4A1G12Mi Extensa 5620Z-4A1G16_XPP Extensa 5620Z-4A1G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16 Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16_VHP Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16Mi Extensa 5620Z-4A2G32Mi Extensa 5630EZ Extensa 5630EZ-421G16Mn Extensa 5630EZ-421G16N Extensa 5630EZ-421G16N_Linux Extensa 5630EZ-421G25MN Extensa 5630EZ-421G25N Extensa 5630EZ-422G16MN Extensa 5630EZ-422G16N Extensa 5630EZ-422G16N_Full Linux Extensa 5630EZ-422G25 Extensa 5630EZ-422G25Mn Extensa 5630EZ-422G25N Extensa 5630EZ-422G25N_Full Linux Extensa 5630EZ-422G25N_VB Extensa 5630EZ-422G32 Extensa 5630EZ-423G25MN Extensa 5630EZ-423G32MN Extensa 5630EZ-424G16Mn Extensa 5630EZ-424G32N Extensa 5630EZ-424G32N_VHP Extensa 5630EZ-432G16MN Extensa 5630EZ-432G25Mn Extensa 5630EZ-432G32Mn Extensa 5630EZ-433G32Mn Extensa 5630EZ-434G25MN Extensa 5630EZ-901G16MN Extensa 5630EZ-4180 Extensa 5630EZ-4181 Extensa 5635 Extensa 5635-5B2G16N Extensa 5635-652G16MN Extensa 5635-652G16Mnkk Extensa 5635-652G16N Extensa 5635-652G25Mn Extensa 5635-652G25Mnkk Extensa 5635-652G25N Extensa 5635-652G32Mnkk Extensa 5635-653G25Mn Extensa 5635-654G25Mn Extensa 5635-654G32Mn Extensa 5635-654G64Mn Extensa 5635-662G25MN Extensa 5635-662G32Mn Extensa 5635-663G25MN Extensa 5635-663G32Mn Extensa 5635-663G50Mn Extensa 5635-6011 Extensa 5635-6761 Extensa 5635-6897 Extensa 5635G Extensa 5635G-652G25MN Extensa 5635G-652G32MN Extensa 5635G-653G32MN Extensa 5635G-654G25Mn Extensa 5635G-654G32Mn Extensa 5635G-654G50Mn Extensa 5635G-654G50N Extensa 5635G-662G25MN Extensa 5635G-663G32 Extensa 5635G-663G32MN Extensa 5635G-663G32N Extensa 5635G-664G25Mn Extensa 5635G-664G32Mn Extensa 5635G-664G32N Extensa 5635G-664G50Mn Extensa 5635G-754G32Mn Extensa 5635Z Extensa 5635Z-421G16MN Extensa 5635Z-422G16Mn Extensa 5635Z-422G16N Extensa 5635Z-422G25MN Extensa 5635Z-422G25N Extensa 5635Z-422G25N_VB Extensa 5635Z-423G25Mn Extensa 5635Z-423G32MN Extensa 5635Z-423G32N Extensa 5635Z-424G32Mn Extensa 5635Z-424G32N Extensa 5635Z-431G16MN Extensa 5635Z-432G32Mn Extensa 5635Z-433G25Mn Extensa 5635Z-433G32MN Extensa 5635Z-433G50Mn Extensa 5635Z-434G32Mn Extensa 5635Z-434G50MN Extensa 5635Z-441G16MN Extensa 5635Z-441G16N Extensa 5635Z-441G16N_Full Linux Extensa 5635Z-442G16MN Extensa 5635Z-442G25MN Extensa 5635Z-442G25N Extensa 5635Z-442G32MN Extensa 5635Z-443G25N Extensa 5635Z-443G32Mn Extensa 5635Z-443G64Mn Extensa 5635Z-444G25MN Extensa 5635Z-444G32MN Extensa 5635Z-444G32N Extensa 5635Z-452G25MN Extensa 5635Z-452G25MNkk Extensa 5635Z-453G32Mn Extensa 5635Z-454G50MN Extensa 5635Z-454G50Mnkk Extensa 5635Z-4224 Extensa 5635Z-4686 Extensa 5635ZG Extensa 5635ZG-422G25N Extensa 5635ZG-423G25Mn Extensa 5635ZG-423G32Mn Extensa 5635ZG-423G32N Extensa 5635ZG-424G25MN Extensa 5635ZG-424G32MN Extensa 5635ZG-424G50MN Extensa 5635ZG-432G25MN Extensa 5635ZG-432G25N Extensa 5635ZG-432G32N Extensa 5635ZG-433G32Mn Extensa 5635ZG-433G32N Extensa 5635ZG-433G50Mn Extensa 5635ZG-434G32Mn Extensa 5635ZG-434G50Mn Extensa 5635ZG-442G25Mn Extensa 5635ZG-443G25MN Extensa 5635ZG-443G50N Extensa 5635ZG-444G32Mn Extensa 5635ZG-444G50MN Extensa 5635ZG-453G25MN Extensa 5635ZG-454G25MN Extensa 5635ZG-454G50Mnkk Extensa 7220-1A2G16 LNX Extensa 7220-1A2G16Mi Extensa 7220-101G08Mi Extensa 7220-101G12 Extensa 7220-101G12Mi Extensa 7220-101G16Mi Extensa 7220-201G08Mi Extensa 7220-201G12Mi Extensa 7220-202G16Mi Extensa 7230-162G16M Extensa 7230-162G16Mi Extensa 7230-162G16Mn Extensa 7230-572G16Mn Extensa 7230E-162G16Mi Extensa 7230E-162G16Mn Extensa 7230E-302G16Mn Extensa 7230E-302G25Mn Extensa 7230E-312G16Mn Extensa 7620-3A1G16Mi Extensa 7620-3A2G16_VB Extensa 7620-3A2G25Mi Extensa 7620-5A2G25-VB Extensa 7620-5A2G25Mi Extensa 7620-5A3G32Mi Extensa 7620-6A3G32Mi Extensa 7620-4021 Extensa 7620-6772 Extensa 7620G Extensa 7620G-1A1G16Mi Extensa 7620G-1A2G25 Extensa 7620G-1A2G25Mi Extensa 7620G-3A1G16Mi Extensa 7620G-3A2G16Mi Extensa 7620G-3A2G25Mi Extensa 7620G-5A1G16Mi Extensa 7620G-5A2G16Mi Extensa 7620G-5A2G25Mi Extensa 7620G-5A3G25Mi Extensa 7620G-5B3G25Mn Extensa 7620G-6A2G25Mi Extensa 7620G-602G25Mi - Camera Extensa 7620G-602G32Mi Extensa 7620Z-3A1G08Mi Extensa 7630EZ Extensa 7630EZ-421G16Mn Extensa 7630EZ-421G16N Extensa 7630EZ-421G16N LIN Extensa 7630EZ-422G16MN Extensa 7630EZ-422G25Mn Extensa 7630EZ-422G25N Extensa 7630EZ-423G32MN Extensa 7630EZ-424G50Mn Extensa 7630EZ-432G25MN Extensa 7630EZ-432G25N Extensa 7630EZ-432G32N Extensa 7630EZ-433G25N Extensa 7630EZ-433G32MN Extensa 7630EZ-434G25MN Extensa 7630EZ-434G32MN Extensa 7630EZ-434G50Mn Extensa 7630EZ-442G16Mn Extensa 7630EZ-442G25MN Extensa 7630EZ-442G32MN Extensa 7630EZ-443G25N Extensa 7630EZ-444G32Mn Extensa 7630EZ-444G32N Extensa 7630EZ-444G50MN Extensa 7630EZ-444G50N Extensa 7630EZ-454G32Mn Extensa 7630Z-322G16Mn Extensa 7630Z-322G25Mn Extensa 7630Z-322G25N Extensa 7630Z-342G16Mn Extensa 7630Z-342G16N Extensa 7630Z-342G25Mn Extensa 7630Z-342G25N Extensa 7630Z-343G50Mn Extensa 7630z-422G25Mn Extensa 7630Z-432G25MN Extensa 7630Z-432G32MN
KN.1GB02.023 KN.1GB02.029 KN.1GB03.006 KN.1GB03.009 KN.1GB03.014 KN.1GB03.025 KN.1GB03.026 KN.1GB04.001 KN.1GB09.004 KN.1GB09.008 KN.1GB0B.003 KN.1GB0B.004 KN.1GB0B.005 KN.1GB0B.009 KN.1GB0B.011 KN.1GB0B.012 KN.1GB0B.014 KN.1GB0B.016 KN.1GB0E.003 KN.1GB0F.006 KN.1GB0G.002 KN.1GB0G.003 KN.1GB0G.005 KN.1GB0G.012 KN.1GB0H.014 KN.1GB0M.001 KN.2GB03.006 KN.2GB03.011 KN.2GB03.025 KN.2GB04.001 KN.2GB04.004 KN.2GB04.010 KN.2GB04.015 KN.2GB04.021 KN.2GB07.001 KN.2GB07.003 KN.2GB07.004 KN.2GB07.008 KN.2GB07.012 KN.2GB07.013 KN.2GB07.015 KN.2GB09.001 KN.2GB09.002 KN.2GB09.003 KN.2GB09.004 KN.2GB09.005 KN.2GB09.006 KN.2GB09.010 KN.2GB09.012 KN.2GB0B.002 KN.2GB0B.003 KN.2GB0C.003 KN.2GB0C.008 KN.2GB0C.011 KN.2GB0C.012 KN.2GB0F.005 KN.2GB0G.004 KN.2GB0G.014 KN.2GB0G.016 KN.2GB0G.018 KN.2GB0G.031 KN.2GB0G.037 KN.2GB0G.042 KN.2GB0H.008 KN.2GB0H.010 KN.2GB0H.011 KN.2GB0H.013 KN.4GB03.005 KN.4GB03.009 KN.4GB03.013 KN.4GB04.001 KN.4GB04.006 KN.4GB07.003 KN.4GB07.007 KN.4GB07.008 KN.4GB09.002 KN.4GB09.008 KN.4GB0B.007 KN.4GB0B.015 KN.4GB0C.001 KN.4GB0C.004 KN.4GB0C.005 KN.4GB0G.003 KN.4GB0G.004 KN.4GB0G.022 KN.4GB0G.026 KN.4GB0H.002 KN.4GB0H.004 KN.4GBB3.009 KN.8GB07.005 KN.8GB07.013 KN.8GB0B.009 KN.8GB0G.013 KN.8GB0G.015 LC.1GB01.001 LC.DDR00.003 LC.DDR00.005 LC.DDR00.012 LC.DDR00.035 LC.DDR00.039 LC.DDR00.061 LC.DDR01.001 LC.DDR01.011 LC.MEM01.006 LC.MEM01.008
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